All Yesterday’s Parties

Rachael Smith’s smoldering twenty-somethings try to rekindle their artistic fires with a night of calculated hedonism.

Topics: Great Beast Comics, house parties, Rachael Smith.

Jerel Dye’s Suspect Narrator

From the Clouds tells of a benevolent and somewhat doughy alien race that comes to earth to enlighten humanity. But should we believe the tale we’re told?

Topics: alien invasions, cuteness, Jerel Dye, religion & spirituality.

Real actual mail

Wherein we examine some unusually delightful books that have lately arrived, bury an important announcement two-thirds of the way down, offer our gratitude to you, the reader, as sincerely as we can, and make a plaintive plea of the national postal service.

Topics: Alexander Rothman, Andrea Tsurumi, Cara Bean, Fereshteh Toosi, Joseph Carlough, Neil Brideau.

boy blue review of books

This off-season has proven somewhat less bleak than usual, thanks to the wave of new local comics shows and the tireless efforts of postal services around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the comics that have found their way to us.

Topics: recommended reading.