My Self and I

Where do you go when you draw yourself?

Topics: asher craw, autbio, diary comics, gabrielle bell, John Porcellino, l. nichols, liz prince, Sam Sharpe.

Minicomic Minute: Maggots

A beautiful and simple risograph-printed book from cartoonist Kris Mukai. Also, a wonderful example on how to effectively use the opposite side of your one-sheet, eight-page book!

Topics: Horror, Kris Mukai, Lettering, Minicomic Minute, Risograph.

Minicomic Minute: Mangy Mutt Comics!

Dan Rinylo lets his animated characters frolic through this charming (and super funny) minicomic that invokes classic broadsheet newspaper strips in both its content and form.

Topics: Bellyband, broadsheet, Dany Rinylo, large-format, Minicomic Minute, Newspaper.