Inward Odyssey

The Understanding Monster’s second chapter provides clues to Theo Ellsworth’s increasingly intricate puzzle box.

Topics: artistic process, mental health, Monsters, self-discovery, Theo Ellsworth, toys.

Beans, Greens, and a Snake in the Garden

Folk symbology and the indispensable perils of growth in Sophia Wiedeman’s The Lettuce Girl.

Topics: coming-of-age, folklore, folktales, growth, motherhood, Sophia Wiedeman, symbology, The Lettuce Girl.

Swapping Stories in Basewood

In Alec Longstreth’s fantasy world, an injured amnesiac searching for his past is sheltered by a man hiding from his own.

Topics: Alec Longstreth, amnesia, dragons, fantasy, storytelling.

The Long and Winding Road

Anne Thalheimer’s What You Don’t Get and the private experience of public tragedy.

Topics: Anne Thalheimer, autobiography, grief, memoir.
Saints Love by Krystal DiFronzo

The Lord’s Work

In Saint’s Love, Krystal DiFronzo troubles the waters between faith and delusion.

Topics: delusion, Krystal DiFronzo, martyrdom, religion & spirituality, saints, visions.