Minicomic Minute: Maggots

A beautiful and simple risograph-printed book from cartoonist Kris Mukai. Also, a wonderful example on how to effectively use the opposite side of your one-sheet, eight-page book!

If you have been to a indie comics or zine show in the past 5 years, you’ve probably heard of risograph printing.  It’s a printing method that originates from Japan and combines photocopying with offset printing.  One of my favorite riso books is Kris Mukai’s maggots.  It was one of my first riso books, and a prime example of it being used well.  To my discredit, I didn’t get into this in the video, but I LOVE how the natural quality of  riso printing (it is a little grainy) adds to the horror theme of Mukai’s book.  It’s a parallel between the printing method and the theme that I always admired, even if I didn’t know how to articulate it.  Check out this book, or any of Mukai’s other gorgeous comics!!

In the Minicomic Minute, I look at all of the wonderful books that are being made in the indie comic self-publishing scene.  In my opinion, we are really in a golden age of book making.  The quality of books coming from self publishers is breathtaking!  While there are many fine reviewers out there that look at content (I’ll be the first to say that content is king), I’m going to focus on the actual fabrication of these wonderful tomes.  How are the books made?  What simple decisions are self-publishers making to turn a good book into an AMAZING book?  We’ll see!  A new review every Monday!


By Kris Mukai4.25 x 5.5 minicomic | 8 pages | Purple RisographJuly 2010self-published

Jon Chad