Minicomic Minute: Hey, 4-Eyes! Issue #3

An amazing zine about glasses by Robyn Chapman, who leaves no stone unturned and no surface unconsidered in this book's meticulous design.

This zine about eyeglasses and the people that wear them by Zine Queen Robyn Chapman has always been one of my go-to example of super solid design!  This book is designed from head to toe.  There isn’t one surface that isn’t considered, or doesn’t harken back to the theme at hand.  If you can find an issue, you NEED TO GET IT!

In the Minicomic Minute, I look at all of the wonderful books that are being made in the indie comic self-publishing scene.  In my opinion, we are really in a golden age of book making.  The quality of books coming from self publishers is breathtaking!  While there are many fine reviewers out there that look at content (I’ll be the first to say that content is king), I’m going to focus on the actual fabrication of these wonderful tomes.  How are the books made?  What simple decisions are self-publishers making to turn a good book into an AMAZING book?  We’ll see!  A new review every Monday!

Hey, 4-Eyes! Number Three A Zine about Glasses

By Robyn Chapman7 x 8.5 minicomic | 60 pages | b & wSpring 2009self-published

Jon Chad