Book Party revisited

Kenan Rubenstein signing Last Train to Old Town, Chapter One

By all accounts and any metric, the book party went well. The wine got drunk. The jokes got laughs. The books got bought, and signed. I can’t thank you all enough for coming to play comics with us, and WORD, for giving us a basement to overrun.

For those that missed it, or those eager to relive that historic evening, I am happy to be able to offer you the following iPhone videos of our readings/presentations/fireside chats (courtesy of Andrea and Alexander, who I imagine are still resting their arms after the strain of this undertaking).

Andrea Tsurumi reads from and discusses Zootrope, Over Here, and various new projects:

Alexander Rothman carves out his place in the rich history of graphic poetry:

I walk you through the process by which a page of Old Town is made:

You’ll have to turn up the volume, though, because man am I a mumbler.