first fest in the second city

I just got back from the proverbially windy city and the unexpected delights of the second annual Chicago Zine Fest. Read all about it.

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boy blue review of books

This off-season has proven somewhat less bleak than usual, thanks to the wave of new local comics shows and the tireless efforts of postal services around the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the comics that have found their way to us.

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A.P.E., Rinse, & Repeat

An exhaustive tour of San Francisco’s probosces, with some comics and pastries thrown in for good measure.

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more mocca, please

why bother, i ask you? shall i fidget and fuss with this feeble language, attempt to render from it an awesomeness words are clearly inadequate to describe? if you saw it, you know, and if you were unable to attend, i don’t wish to compound your regrets.

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