Minicomic Minute: Time, a Comics Anthology

A simple, elegant anthology that gets a lot of oomph out of a few simple production techniques.

Trees and Hills is a comics collective based out of Western MA, NH and VT.  They have put out a number of awesome anthologies over the years, and Time is no exception.  Designing an anthology is hard when all of your participants employ differing drawing styles.  Time leans on its titular theme and through the use of some smart production choices, and really sings as an object.

In the Minicomic Minute, I look at all of the wonderful books that are being made in the indie comic self-publishing scene.  In my opinion, we are really in a golden age of book making.  The quality of books coming from self publishers is breathtaking!  While there are many fine reviewers out there that look at content (I’ll be the first to say that content is king), I’m going to focus on the actual fabrication of these wonderful tomes.  How are the books made?  What simple decisions are self-publishers making to turn a good book into an AMAZING book?  We’ll see!  A new review every Monday!

Time A Trees and Hills Comics Anthology

By Edited by Dan Barlow and Colin Tedford$55.5" x 8.5" minicomic | 64 pages | b & w2010self-published Buy Time

Jon Chad

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  1. A kind review of Time’s design! Some more info: The clock is indeed glued-on cardstock. We chose cardstock for sturdiness, but in retrospect I’d recommend heavy-ish paper instead because I think it’ll flex better against the cardstock cover.

    We go for that sort of bold, simple cover design in part so it can work when seen from across the room or as a tiny thumbnail on a screen.

    The cover was drawn by Anne Thalheimer based on a design by me (which, as with all our anthology covers now, was based on a prior one designed by Anne, Dan, Marek Bennett, and me). The table of contents and back cover were designed and created by Matt Young. And keen-eyed viewers will note our eminent reviewer’s name among the contributors ;)

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