Minicomic Minute: The Big Preyback

Will Varner's screen-printed accordion book about sweet, sweet revenge.

Have you ever heard of an accordion?  Yes?  How about an accordion book?  An accordion-style book is one that is made by folding a single, continuous piece of paper over and over again so that you can read it either as single pages, or in one long, unfolded image.  Today on the Minicomic Minute, let’s look at a beautiful example of an accordion book in Will Varner’s The Big Prey Back.  In addition to being a great accordion book, there’s also some clever techniques that were used to make the cover.  Simple, but visually stunning!!

In the Minicomic Minute, I look at all of the wonderful books that are being made in the indie comic self-publishing scene.  In my opinion, we are really in a golden age of book making.  The quality of books coming from self publishers is breathtaking!  While there are many fine reviewers out there that look at content (I’ll be the first to say that content is king), I’m going to focus on the actual fabrication of these wonderful tomes.  How are the books made?  What simple decisions are self-publishers making to turn a good book into an AMAZING book?  We’ll see!  A new review every Monday!

The Big Prey Back

By Will VarnerAround 36" x 5.5" minicomic | 8 pages | 5-color ScreenprintSprint 2011self-published

Jon Chad