Paper Jam 2

A new twice-annual small press/mini-comic/‘zine fair hosted by The Ditko! ‘Zine Library.

Paper Jam is a fully curated festival that aims to promote the work of small press creators and cross pollinate their work with the arts and music scene of the Silent Barn. As the Silent Barn is primarily a music venue and has limited space, Paper Jam only offers 24 half-table slots to exhibitors. Table space is always free to exhibitors.

Entry to Paper Jam is also free to all attendees, as hope that attendees will partake not only in Paper Jam, but also take advantage of all the other facilities (art galleries, record store, barber shop, screen printing studio) available to them within the Silent Barn. We want this event to have a more intimate “party where you hang out and talk about comics, ‘zines, art, and music” vibe than the usual ‘zine fair / comic convention atmosphere. We will however be having some more standard convention programing, including comics readings, panels and film screenings.


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