My Self and I

Where do you go when you draw yourself?

Topics: asher craw, autbio, diary comics, gabrielle bell, John Porcellino, l. nichols, liz prince, Sam Sharpe.
Vattu by Evan Dahm

A Nomad’s Tale

Traversing the vast and intricate world of Evan Dahm’s Vattu.

Topics: Evan Dahm, fantasy, Vattu, world-building.

A Very Special Holiday Gift Guide of Sorts

What to get that incredibly specific someone. Hopefully we’re doing this right.

Topics: Alabaster, Alexander Rothman, Autoptic, capitalism, Cara Bean, consumerism, Czap Books, Hic and Hoc, holiday gift guide, Jason Viola, Jessi Zabarsky, Joe Decie, Jon Chad, Keiler Roberts, Kenan Rubenstein, Locust Moon, MICE, Neil Brideau, Nostalgia, Paul K Tunis, Radiator comics, Rebecca Viola, Rob Kirby, Summer Pierre, Thought Bubble.

Inward Odyssey

The Understanding Monster’s second chapter provides clues to Theo Ellsworth’s increasingly intricate puzzle box.

Topics: artistic process, mental health, Monsters, self-discovery, Theo Ellsworth, toys.

Swapping Stories in Basewood

In Alec Longstreth’s fantasy world, an injured amnesiac searching for his past is sheltered by a man hiding from his own.

Topics: Alec Longstreth, amnesia, dragons, fantasy, storytelling.

The Long and Winding Road

Anne Thalheimer’s What You Don’t Get and the private experience of public tragedy.

Topics: Anne Thalheimer, autobiography, grief, memoir.

The Mucha Sutra

Mindfulness in the comics of Corinne Mucha.

Topics: autobiography, Corinne Mucha, Eastern thought, meditaion, mindfulness, philosophy, religion & spirituality.