The Metamorphosis of Munch

A pupil at the Sequential Artists Workshop develops her pupal character into a lavishly illustrated story set in a richly imagined world.

Topics: caterpillars, process, SAW, Sequential Artists Workshop.

READ COMICS: An Illustrated Imperative

A wide array of beloved comics artists help illustrate a simple but important message. Block photographs by Robert Stanievich.

Topics: Anthony Clark, Bob Flynn, Cara Bean, Chris Ware, Corinne Mucha, Dave Roman, Emily Carroll, Gabielle Bell, Gilbert Hernandez, Ivan Brunnetti, Jaime Hernandez, James Kochalka, Jason Viola, Jeff Smith, John Green, John Porcellino, KC Green, Kenan Rubenstein, Lilli Carre, Lucy Knisely, Lynda Barry, Marnie Galloway, Neil Brideau, Peter Laird, Raina Telgemeier, Renee French, Sally Carson, Sam Alden, Sarah Becan, Scott C, Shelli Paroline, Theo Ellsworth, Tony Breed, Will Dinski, Zack Giallongo.

On the Road, in Panels

The author’s trip from her home in Massachusetts to the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida, filtered through the stylistic lenses of seven of her favorite cartoonists.

Topics: Cara Bean, frogs, process, SAW, Sequential Artists Workshop.

Getting Comics Schooled

On the eve of her voyage to Florida to study at the Sequential Artists Workshop, Cara Bean sits down for a wide-ranging interview with a passing Squirrel.

Topics: process, SAW, Sequential Artists Workshop, squirrels.